Why use FundingHub?

  • Apply in minutes - We understand that your time is precious, so we've kept our application to less than 6 minutes!

  • Compare all options - FundingHub lets you compare quotes for your business from multiple finance providers

  • Be in control - You choose when and which lenders to talk to. You're in control of the entire process

  • Transparent - Multiple lenders from our panel compete to fund your business

  • Simple - You complete one funding request and received multiple quotes

  • Independent - FundingHub is totally independent and we merely act as an introducer to lenders

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Is my information secure?

Absolutely – Security is very important to us.  All your information is secure and we only forward the information on to one of our reputable, trusted lenders with your consent.  We use the latest security techniques and standards.  Please take a look through our terms and conditions.   

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What type of funding can I get?

Our panel of lenders offer a diverse set of products.  What we do best is match these products to your requirements and then offer you the best options for your business. After presenting you with these options you choose which lender you would like to apply to for finance.  The questions we ask should take no longer than 6 minutes.  

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Are there any fees to use FundingHub?

You pay nothing, niks, mahala, gratis! FundingHub is completely free to use!

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How long does completing a funding request take?

It should not take more than 6 minutes to submit a funding request from start to finish. Please take your time and don’t rush as the more information we have the better the match will be and the more accurate the quote from the lenders.  

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What is an Offer?

Some of our lenders present an offer to you once you have chosen to complete the full application process with them.  The offer will contain the major salient points relating to the terms of the funding and forms the basis for negotiation and ultimately the agreement you will sign.  

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What types of companies can find financing on FundingHub?

We broadly focus on the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) businesses.  

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What types of funding products can I receive through FundingHub?

We offer most products available in the market including equipment finance, unsecured term loans, secured term loans, overdrafts, lines of credit, debtor finance, merchant cash advances, credit cards etc. We are working hard to add other products such as equity finance.

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How do I get competitive terms?

Once you have chosen to complete the application with one of our lenders, they will then make you an offer and put you in a position where you are able to compare options.  You are able to apply to more than one lender.  You can then choose which lender suits your needs best.  

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How long until I receive funds in my account?

Different products and lenders have different timelines.  This is part of our skill to match your timeframes for the funding with the lenders that meet these timeframes.  Once you have received an offer, you are in control and can decide if you wish to proceed.  

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Will you perform a credit check?

No, FundingHub will not perform a credit check on you nor any of its directors or shareholders.  It is very likely that the lender who you submit a funding request to will perform a credit check, but you will be required to give consent before this happens.  

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Will I be required to provide a personal guarantee?

We work with lenders with a variety of credit rules and models. It is up to you to decide if you are willing to provide a personal guarantee.

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What supporting documents will I have to provide?

This will depend on the type of loan you need as well as the lender you select.  Once you choose which lender you would like to apply to, we provide you with a list of documents that you will need to prepare in order to complete the application process.  Providing accurate information increases your chances of obtaining better, more affordable funding.  

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