What You Really Need to Qualify for a Business Loan

Start by finding out what your options are. Yes, there is more than one financing instrument. 

The right one for your business will depend on the size of your business, your industry, how much revenue you are generating and what the loan will be used for. 

We have put together a comprehensive list of all the different types of financing available, as well as the requirements for each one. We hope it's helpful and gets rid of some of the confusion around securing financing for your business. 

Purchase Order Funding – How it Works

Tender finance also known as purchase order funding “PO funding” is a form of funding used to enable small businesses  to fulfil an order(s) that has been successfully awarded to them by government or large corporates. The process of tendering gives opportunities to businesses to bid for projects or services to supply certain goods and services at a quoted price

FundingHub Helps SA Businesses Secure over R100m in Debt Finance, in its 1st year of operations!

With a stated goal of Helping South African Businesses Grow, FundingHub (through its network of Alternative Lenders, banks and partners) proudly celebrates significant achievement over its first year of trade – helping to secure over R100m of funding since July 2017.

Is a Property Secured Loan the Right Fit for your Needs?

Simply put, a Property Secured Loan is a loan that uses your Property as collateral against the funds that have been borrowed. But you knew that... right? The upside of going the “Secured Loan” route, is that you don't require an exceptional Credit Record.