Amounts: Max 6 million


Speed of Funding: Medium

Terms: max 7 months

Repayments: Monthly or end of term depending on lender. If end of term an exit strategy is required


Interest Rates: 3-4% per month


What is Property Development Finance?

Property developers can be provided with a construction development loan/facility to kick start, construct and complete a small to medium size development project.

The developer should have a proven track record. If all the required approvals have been received and positive pre-sales have been achieved, the loan may attract a more favourable interest rate.

Funding is granted up to approx R6m per development.

Security in the form of a first mortgage bond of a property with twice the value is required.

The developer should have invested his own funds into the development. Each development finance facility application is assessed on it’s own merits.

As each development is unique, our lenders try think out the box as to how to make the deal work.

A key element is the commercial viability of the project.



  • Each application is assessed on its own merits


  • Has to be secured by a fully paid off property