Amounts: R5k to R4m+


Speed of Funding: Medium

Terms: No term

Repay as you go


Interest Rates: Prime linked


What is Revolving Credit?

Revolving Credit is similar to an overdraft or credit card because it has a limit assigned to it and the lender allows you to draw down against that limit when required.  One key difference from an overdraft is that this product is not linked to a bank account and so can be offered by a wide range of lenders, not just banks.  The borrower can draw down and repay when required.  Interest is also only paid on the funds drawn down. Revolving credit could be secured or unsecured.  It is important to understand the terms and conditions especially relating to upfront, monthly fees and draw down limitations etc.



  • Flexible

  • No fixed repayment

  • Accessible

  • Creates a credit history

  • Suitable for multiple purposes


  • Could require security

  • May include unexpected fees

  • May require long trading history