We're on a mission to grow the SME's of Southern Africa through faster and better access to affordable business finance.

We are big believers in the power of small business, it is the lifeblood of the South African economy. Every small business deserves the chance to grow and prosper, and FundingHub is here to empower that process.

How we're achieving our mission

Fundamental to getting the right finance is understanding the options available. We give business owners the tools and information that helps them make the right choices.
Through efficient processes and one-time data capturing, we're improving inclusion and access to finance for more businesses.
Getting the service in front of the people who need it is critical to our success. Distribution through wide-reaching and diverse channels is essential to our success.

The team who's doing it

Alex Johnson
Business Analyst
Ashleigh Butterworth
Ean Barnard
Chris Ball
Business Growth
Roger That
Stephan's Companion
Stephan Schoeman
Michael Bowren
Business Growth
Simanye Roboji
Business Analyst

Did you know we are part of a leading financial technology group in South Africa? Get to know the bigger team

How we like to run our business finance marketplace

Transparent Communication
What you see is what you get. We're a team of people that believes in the power of open communication.
We bring a vibrance and excitement to everything we do. Expect a 'get it done' culture when you engage with us.
Shared Value
Sustainable business is about sharing the created value with all stakeholders. We believe in shared value as an enabler for long and prosperous partnerships.
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Join the Team

Help us on our mission, and join an energetic team passionate about what we do.
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Work With Us

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