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What are my vehicle finance options?

We specialize in finding you finance for vehicles that you will use for your business.

Normal Vehicle Finance

Get finance for your trucks, LDV's, bakkies, scooters or cars through our network of vehicle finance partners.


If you've got a bad credit score, or have previously had trouble getting access to credit, a rent-to-own option may work!


Own a vehicle that you want to refinance? No problem. We'll help you find the right re-finance partner.

Interested in pricing?

Use our Vehicle Finance Calculator to get an estimate on loan pricing

Vehicle finance calculator

Use this calculator to get an estimate for the costs involved with a new vehicle finance facility

How Vehicle Finance Works

The commercial vehicle finance process is simple:

  1. Find a commercial vehicle that you want to finance,
  2. Note the value of the vehicle,
  3. Decide how much of a deposit you want to put down. 10% is usually a good start. The lower the deposit, the more you have to finance, and the higher the overall cost of the vehicle will be.
  4. Apply for finance through a platform that can help you compare different commercial vehicle finance quotes.
  5. Decide on the best finance, based on repayment period, pricing and how it suits your business.
  6. Close the deal and finalize the details with the lender.

Do I Need a Vehicle First?


You can apply without having a vehicle in mind, and see how much finance you can get.

This will allow you to then shop around in the right price bracket.

Lease to Own

There is another type of vehicle finance available which is referred to as a lease-to-own deal. This means that you pay for the vehicle monthly, and then only own the vehicle outright once you have paid your last monthly instalment.

A lease to own structure means that you are unable to write the depreciation of the vehicle into your books, but you can list the monthly repayments as a tax-deductible expense.

It also means the vehicle does not appear on your books, and the loan is not listed as a liability.

Why Apply Through FundingHub and Not With the Dealer?

FundingHub allows you to compare quotes, and our service is free.

Instead of relying on your dealer to give you just one quote, we fetch multiple vehicle finance quotes for you and let you choose the best one.

It's the best way to get vehicle finance.

Do you qualify?

Through FundingHub, you are likely to qualify for vehicle finance if you meet the following criteria:

  • 12 months trading history
  • An average of R60k+ revenue per month

* Figures are for example purposes only, and may vary from business to business.

What Types of Vehicles Can I Finance?

In short, FundingHub is able to help you with many different types of business and commercial vehicle finance. Here are some things you can finance:

  • General business and staff vehicles,
  • Motorbikes & scooters
  • Light delivery vehicles,
  • Minibuses,
  • Large and specialist commercial vehicles.

Supplier vs Private Buyer

We do finance for both.

Vehicle Refinance

If you've got a commercial vehicle that you would like to refinance, we can help.

Refinancing a truck or car is a great way to unlock cash that you need to operate.

Can I finance a truck?

Yes, as long as you meet the minimum qualifying criteria.

Do banks finance commercial trucks?

Some of the big banks will consider commercial trucks, however, there are more specialist financing institutions which will be able to assist with large, speciality commercial vehicles.

What about yellow metal equipment?

For yellow metal, equipment finance may be a better bet.

Vehicle Finance Costs

The costing of a vehicle finance loan is simple. It is made up of two components:

  1. A deposit, or downpayment,
  2. A monthly repayment made up of interest and capital repayment.


The minimum deposit required for a vehicle finance loan is generally 10% of the value of the vehicle. This will be required to be paid in cash upfront.

Some lenders may not require this downpayment, depending on your credit record.

Monthly Repayment

Your monthly repayment is comprised of both:

  1. Your interest repayment (the cost of the loan), and
  2. The capital repayment (the money you borrowed).

This is usually due monthly in advance.

Interest Rates

Interest rates for commercial vehicle finance generally range from prime lending rate (currently 7.5% in South Africa) to prime plus 10%.

You should be wary of interest rate beyond 20%. This likely means you are dealing with a lender which does not have your best interests at heart.

Repayment Period

You can finance a vehicle from a minimum of 6 months, to a maximum of 72 months.

The period of repayment will generally affect your interest rate.

As a general rule, the longer you finance a vehicle over, the more it is going to cost.

Residual Payments

Always be aware of a clause in your vehicle finance that stipulates a residual payment. This can be a big cash flow drain for your business if you are not expecting it.

A residual payment means that your monthly loan repayments are lower, but at the end of your repayment term you owe a big lump-sum of cash to cover your 'residual'.

The reason for a residual is that generally the residual payment should equal the value of your car at the end of the repayment period. That way, it's assumed that when you trade your car in, the cash from the sale of your car will cover your residual. However, that leaves you without a deposit for your new car. It is a dangerous cycle to get into and residual payments are not recommended for first-time financers.

A typical vehicle finance example:

A business is looking for a new delivery vehicle to deliver their vegetables to their customers. The vehicle they need is valued around R350 000.

They are relatively new business:

  • 12 months trading history
  • Moderate monthly turnover: R160 000 per month

They apply through FundingHub and find that the best quote available to them is a fixed interest rate of prime plus two percent, which ends up at 9.5% p.a. Their cash flow is strong, so they decide to finance the vehicle over a shorter period to reduce overall cost of finance. The vehicle is financed over a period of 36 months.
A 10% deposit is required.

The monthly repayment schedule may look something like this:

Interest Repayment
Total Monthly Repayment
Loan Balance
R35 000
R315 000
R2 625
R11 243
R303 757
R11 243
Total Repaid:
R439 748.00

* Figures are for example purposes only, and may vary from business to business.

Documents Required for Vehicle Finance

The documents you need on hand for vehicle finance will include:

  • Business registration document
  • 6 to 12 months bank statements
  • Director's ID document
  • Proof of address
  • Tax compliance documentation

These may vary from lender to lender, but this is a good base to work from.

How Does the Vehicle Finance Application Process Work?

We've designed our vehicle finance application process to be as fast as and easy as possible.
We only collect the most important information, and keep you informed on what you need to provide to maximise your application profile and get your best offers.


Step 1: Apply through FundingHub

You can apply by telling us how much finance you need, or what vehicle you are trying to finance. We'll go and ask our panel of vehicle finance lenders if they are open to financing that deal.
It's fast, and free, and fully online.


Step 2: Add Information and Documents

FundingHub allows you to pause an application, and finish at a later stage. We guide you through the different document requirements, and which lenders need what information.


Step 3: View Loan Offers

We will present you with a list of all your loan offers from the various lenders. The more information you add to your profile, the more certain the offers will be.


Step 4: Choose an Offer

All the specifics around, pricing, fees, speed of funds and the different lenders is laid out for you. If you have questions, we've got an independent analyst who can help you choose the right offer.


Step 5: Finalise Application with Lender

With your permission, your documents and information will be sent to the vehicle finance lender so that the application can be completed.

All that's left is for you to drive away in your new vehicle!

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