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Did you know that checking business credit scores is not just for lenders and banks? Here’s why…

Each lender has a different appetite for risk but the riskier your business is in the eyes of a lender, the less likely you are to be funded and if funded your cost of funding (interest and/or fees) will be more expensive. It is therefore a good idea to know your business credit score and if it’s not looking good take steps to rectify it. It could be the difference between getting funded or not.

Business credit checks are always a paid for service unlike personal credit checks. At Experian they range from R179 for an overview report to R249 for a comprehensive report.


Check my business

Check your own business report to understand how lenders, clients and suppliers see your company.


Check another business

A report on a potential new customer helps you decide what payments terms to offer and avoid the non-payers.


Check my suppliers

Check an online business report on your suppliers and make sure you can depend on them to deliver.

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