Amounts: R250K +
Speed of Funding: Medium 
Terms: 6 months - 5 years
Repayments: Monthly or end of term depending on lender. If end of term an exit strategy is required
Interest Rates: Lower than unsecured


What is a Property Backed Loan?

A property backed loan is type of secured loan where the property is used as security. This is ideal for a business with a temporary cash-flow shortage. It allows you to free up the equity locked up in un-bonded property to secure fast and flexible credit.

The loan facility can be structured in a few ways depending on the lenders product offering. Some examples include:

1.    As a term loan, where the borrowed amount is then repaid in equal instalments over a fixed period of time

2.    As a revolving loan facility where an overdraft facility is provided and you service the interest portion of monies borrowed on a monthly basis

3.    No monthly repayments required because interest and capital is repaid together at the end of the term. This structure is very attractive if you are working on a deal which only receives payment on conclusion.

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  • Improved liquidity
  • Higher levels of flexibility
  • Stepping stone to other products through building a trust relationship with your provider
  • Lower costs and interest rates than unsecured loans


  • The property must be worth at least R 625 000 (dependant on lender)
  • Minimum advance of R 250 000 (no maximum)