Amounts: R150k to R5m+


Speed of Funding:
Medium to slow

Terms: generally 6 months - 5 years

Repayments: Monthly
or at end of term


Interest Rates: Lower than unsecured


What is a Secured Term Loan?

A secured term loan is a loan granted to the business where the borrower then pledges some form of security or collateral against the loan. Our lenders look at either property (commercial or residential) or a debtors book as security against a loan. This means that your business cash flow and profitability is not as important as the underlying security offered to the lender.  Because there is security, the risk is lower than an unsecured loan and so the interest rates charged by the lender are normally lower than an unsecured loan.  Secured loans are normally short medium term loans ranging from 6 months to 5 years.



  • Defined payment structure

  • Less expensive than unsecured

  • Lower monthly payment

  • Longer term


  • Require security