Interesting, right?

4 Tips for Killer Content Marketing

A common misconception: People have short attention spans. It's just not true.

We binge Netflix series for hours.
We listen to 3 hour Joe Rogan podcasts.
We watch 4 hours of sport at a time.

The length of your content is not the issue - it's the quality.

Here's how to do content marketing better:

  1. Make the first few moments of engagement interesting and thought provoking. Capture attention quickly.
  2. Write in short, clear sentences.
  3. Keep your content value-packed. Never waffle. If you can fit it into one paragraph - it should only be one paragraph. If a point can be made without a word or sentence, it shouldn't be there.
  4. Edit ruthlessly. This is what takes your content from good to great.

The best part? This doesn't just apply to Content Marketing. It can be applied across your business:

  • Ad Copy
  • Emails (internal and external)
  • Rich media content etc.

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