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Netflix vs YouTube: Who wears the bigger pants?

Who wears the bigger pants YouTube or Netflix? 💻

Let’s breakdown the facts to see which one comes out on top:

  • Google acquired YouTube for $1.65B in 2006
  • Last year YouTube’s annual run rate was $34B whereas Netflix was $30B
  • YouTube relies heavily on an ads-based business
  • Netflix hooks customers in with subscription fees

The Hustle give us a quick summary of the two mega-brands.

So how is YouTube knocking one out of the park with an ads-based business?

  • It isn’t entirely…it’s expanding (rapidly) – by entering the streaming war with a $12/a month premium subscription.
  • And much like Netflix, a pre and post-pandemic surge in subscriptions.

What's the big divide between the two currently?

Original content. YouTube quickly learnt it wasn’t their game, with Netflix’s original content being unparalleled.

Both are leaders in their own right, and this comes down to 3 main reasons:

  1. Understanding their target audience
  2. Knowing what you are good at
  3. Expanding at the right moment

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