Interesting, right?

Can you trademark the sound of an engine?

Apparently so - Harley Davidson sure did. 🏍️™️

Starting out in the 1900s as 2 friends drawing up plans in their shed, and growing to one of the most successful luxury motorcycle brands in the world.

Step 1 for William Harley and Arthur Davidson - gain skills in making two-wheeled machines.

Step 2 - After plenty of experimenting with a side hustle building single-cylinder engines, they decided to build their first motorbike.

How did they build their success and create a luxury brand?

A kickass customer experience, that is always improved on.

Here are three ways Harley Davidson created a revered brand:

  • Build a Core Audience – respect & understand your core audience’s needs – even if you leave people out of that audience.
  • Hands-on market research – immerse yourself in your customer’s world and understand their daily habits and desires.
  • Appeal to emotions – create a brand that evokes emotions and appeals to individual's thoughts and feelings.

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