Interesting, right?

Stop Marketing. Start Connecting.

🛑 Stop marketing to your customers. Start connecting with them.

Here's how... 👇

Behind the screen, email or cellphone on the other end of your marketing is a person. That person wants to feel like you understand them, connect with them and relate to their problems.

The best marketers speak and treat their customers like real humans. The more genuine the connection you have with your customers, the more valuable the relationship with them is going to be (for both parties).

Here's how to build a genuine connection with your customers through your brand's voice:

🗣 Use simple, short sentences. Write as you would speak.

👂 Understand your audience. Craft your voice in a way that your customers engage with one another.

🧑 be quirky. the best brands have something memorable about them. dont be afraid to lean into what makes yours unique. even if that means writing all your marketing copy in lower case without punctuation.

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