Interesting, right?

The Most Valuable Chocolate Chip Cookie in the World

When a guest checks in at any Hilton Doubletree hotel, they're given a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Before COVID, around 75,000 cookies were given out each day.

🤯 34% of guests tell their friends.

That means there are about 20 000 stories about Doubletree hotels being told... Every. Single. Day.

When you consider the unit cost of a cookie (~$0.20) versus the potential value of a new customer staying a night in one of their hotels, that becomes a pretty powerful growth lever.

In the digital age, word of mouth still plays a massive role in attracting new customers.

Here are 3 ways you can be better at word-of-mouth referrals:

  1. Do something 'share-worthy'. A cookie is unremarkable. A warm, delicious cookie is. Make it share-worthy!
  2. Build a brand around your business. A cookie in isolation is just a cookie. You need a back story to make it remarkable. Tell a story. Be interesting. Make a stand.
  3. Ask for them. Without prompting someone to action, they won't know what to do. Do it tactfully when there's a story to tell.


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