Interesting, right?

Data: The Gold Mine Your Business Should be Using

🍏 Apple is turning Data Privacy into a product.

⛔️ POPIA has stopped the selling of 3rd party data in its tracks.

The way consumers interact with their devices, and share their data is changing forever - and for the better.

As the fences around data pools are erected, the importance of the data you collect from your customers becomes increasingly important. This is "Zero-Party" data.

Here's how to collect, and use it 👇🏽

Method 1: After a customer buys a service or product from your business, reach out to them a week later.

Offer 3x10% discounts (1 for them, 2 for friends) for their honest feedback.

Ask three questions:

  1. How did they find out about your product/service?
  2. How would they feel if they could no longer use your product?
  3. How likely would they be to recommend your product/service to a friend?

👉🏼 Use this to find out where your best customer acquisition channels are. Where should you be focusing your attention?

Method 2: Identify your top 10% of most valuable customers using metrics like...

  • # of purchases
  • Date of last purchase
  • Overall lifetime value (LTV)

Reach out to them through email and/or phone and ask for a 1:1 15 minute session for feedback on two specific things:

👩🏽‍💻 Where they spend their time online (communities, forums, social media, browsing etc.), and
⌨️ What would they Google to find your product

👉🏼 Use that info to find more customers like them.

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