Interesting, right?

Time, knowledge and Craigslist

We are sure at some point you’ve heard of Craigslist (the US version of Gumtree). 💻 🛒

Craig Newmark first started out by creating an email list to send to his friends in 1995.

This list was used to highlight upcoming social events in San Francisco. Shortly after this Craigslist Craig saw that people were using this list to advertise items and jobs.

In 1999, Craig left his job and started the now multi-billion dollar company.

Here are 3 lessons Craig has for budding entrepreneurs:

Define and support your values – know what your business stands for and stand behind it

Partner with good people – from your board of directors to your web developer – ensure the people believe in your cause

Be generous with time and knowledge – share your successes and wisdom with the rest of the team and create a safe space for everyone to share ideas.

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