FundingHub Secures Angel Investor


New fintech business, FundingHub, whose mission is to connect South African SMEs to progressive sources of funding using intelligent technology, recently secured an angel investor. The investment will be used to give the business the capital injection required to achieve scale.


Co-founder of the business, Barry Leonard commented, “We are really honoured to have Sunroad Investments as a co-investor in FundingHub.  Not only does it provide a capital injection, which will be used to market the business, increase its profile and  invest in its technology, but this investor brings a lot of experience in the field of lending and origination”. Paul Kent, a representative of Sunroad said the following, “We are very excited to be invested in a company that supports South African SMEs. Access to funding is often onerous, with lots of options that are difficult to understand. FundingHub nurtures applicants through often an onerous application using information to match businesses with the correct lenders based on their business status and funding needs. Using FundingHub increases the application success rate and reduces the effort, saving business owners valuable time”.

FundingHub is South Africa’s first lending credit market place for SMEs which connects them to sources of funding using intelligent technology. Its lending panel is made up of banks and alternative lenders in the business lending space. Business owners answer a few questions and with one request get matched to many funders. FundingHub makes it simple for the business owner to shop around and find the best loan product at the best price.


FundingHub was conceived mid-2016 by co-founders Barry and Marilynn Leonard.  Marilynn describes the background to FundingHub, “Having been involved for 14 years in a technology business which provides business-to-business loan management solutions, we identified a need in South Africa to provide a single platform for business owners to apply for funding where their requirements can be matched to the best alternative lenders and banks in the business lending market.

Too often businesses are declined by banks and they have no other option of finding funding for their enterprise.  We set out to research the international markets for similar aggregation platforms and found platforms in the U.K.  and Australia where we spent a significant amount of time with the business owners understanding their technology and business models”. She added, “Once we understood that, we set about building our own technology, the foundation of our FundingHub business as well as signing up alternative lenders onto our platform”.

Technology platform

The technology was built over a period of a year and went through rigorous testing and various iterations to get it to the stage where it was ready to go live.  At the same time, FundingHub signed up its initial lenders with a broad range of products so that its clients could have the diversity of choice.

Marilynn commented, “We finally made the call to go live on 1 June 2017. It was a hugely stressful time as we were unsure how the market would react but looking back it could not have gone better for us”.

Since the launch four months ago, FundingHub has closed in excess of R75m in loan funding for its clients . Marilynn goes on to say, “We never anticipated so many applications, nor did we anticipate the high number of successful deals at such an early stage.  We could not be happier with our start”.

FundingHub Vision

In summary, FundingHub’s vision is to be the go-to hub for under-funded SMEs and the catalyst for small business growth in South Africa. Please visit us at