A Challenge to South African Business Owners...


Are you part of the Problem, or the Solution?

There are three Upcoming Dates we would like to make you aware of:

Each of these dates represent a day where we, as a nation, look towards the lessons from our past to build a future that the youth can believe in, Celebrating Equality, Rejoicing in our Heritage and Achievements, Binding us Together, One Nation under our famous rainbow.

That’s what it can be . . . that’s what it SHOULD be.

With “Tender Season” well and truly upon us and, building on our previous article about Enterprise Supplier Development, the time is certainly right to remind citizens that our actions today impact on the quality of tomorrow.

Before rolling your eyes and moving on to the important aspects of building your business, we’d like to briefly highlight some of the outcomes of the Auditor General’s 2016/17 report, outlining municipal performance during the previous financial year.

In total: 

  • 257 Municipalities were Audited

  • Only 33 (13%) received a Clean Audit

  • 87% of our Municipalities, therefore, are guilty of Irregular Spending

That kind of wastage is only possible through Private Sector Participation.

From the R28 billion in Irregular Spending highlighted:

  • R15 billion was incurred in prior years but only identified and reported in 2016/17.

  • The remaining R13.35-billion relates to payments or expenses incurred in the 2016/17 financial year by the new local government administrations which took over in August 2016‚ and it represented 4% of the local government expenditure budget.

Much ado about everything?

How many bright minds can receive Free Education with a fraction of the nearly R30 billion? How many houses, fixed potholes, police vehicles, hospital upgrades and other critical projects in South Africa can be funded with just, one, years’ worth of ‘missing funds’? The reality is that it affects us all, every day.

It affects the speed and efficiency of emergency services, it affects our ability to protect citizens from crime, it affects the development and quality of our future workforce . . . your workforce.

Winning a Tender is an exciting prospect (read tips here) but once that initial act is complete and the champagne’s been popped – the actual work of delivery must start immediately. Failure to do so, in essence, is “us” failing “ourselves”.

Surely, we’re better than that?

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