Show You the Money?! Are You Ready For It?

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Businesses require various forms of funding pending requirement and / or stage of its business life-cycle.

What you need and how you go about it differs significantly in process and available lenders – as funding in Seed or Startup stage is certainly not equal to a mature business seeking to expand.

 “From Bootstrapping and Crowdfunding to VCs, banks and, of course, the alternative lending space where we play, there are many options available to business owners,” says Marilynn Leonard, co-founder of FundingHub.

“Our expertise is connecting established businesses to a variety of lenders via our online platform – generally falling into one of nine product categories, e.g. equipment finance, secured loans, unsecured loans, purchase order funding, merchant cash advance and more.”

While FundingHub does not deal with companies in startup phase or those seeking Venture Capital Funding, this article from Standard Bank BizConnect does a good job of dissecting the various types of options available to business owners.

“The BizConnect article and others like it are certainly recommended reading for any type of business owner or entrepreneur who is unsure of where they fit in the funding mix,” says Leonard. “From FundingHub’s perspective we only work with established businesses where minimum criteria such as R1m annual turnover and 12 months trading have been met.”

What is Alternative Lending and Why Consider it?

Alternative Lending puts business owners in touch with new, online lenders where a variety of business financing can be accessed—from invoice financing and short-term loans to term loans and lines of credit.

Going “the usual” way in terms of seeking a business loan often requires negotiating significant red tape and requiring equally significant dollops of patience as the process runs its course.

“We provide a quick, easy and 100% independent platform where business loan seekers can access both traditional and approved alternative lenders,” says Leonard. “Our online system allows qualifying owners to access the best deal for their specific requirements – without the usual hassles and frustrations of going the more, traditional, route.”

Since inception in 2017, FundingHub has helped South African business owners access over R100 million in funding with successful applications steadily increasing.

“Our online platform is free, fast and easy to use,” says Leonard. “If your business has an annual turnover in excess of R1m and you’ve been trading for at least 12 months we invite you try our app next time you are in need of funding.”