Business Owners

Is a Property Secured Loan the Right Fit for your Needs?

Simply put, a Property Secured Loan is a loan that uses your Property as collateral against the funds that have been borrowed. But you knew that... right? The upside of going the “Secured Loan” route, is that you don't require an exceptional Credit Record.

How to Avoid Being Conned by Fake Tenderpreneurs

It’s Tender Season and, as you certainly know already, with great opportunity comes great risk – especially in the form of Fake Tenderpreneurs or con artists looking to relieve you of your hard-earned money.

A Challenge to South African Business Owners...

South African Business Owners… Are you part of the Problem, or the Solution? With “Tender Season” well and truly upon us and, building on our previous article about Enterprise Supplier Development, the time is certainly right to remind citizens that our actions today impact on the quality of tomorrow.